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Child and Maternal Health Research

In the UK research into child and maternal health was carried out by using data obtained from electronic health records. This research was conducted using nationwide access to health records to improve understanding of the issues affecting the health of mothers and children.

Relevant Areas of Research

Areas serched include:

* Factors that influence adverse birth outcomes like economic and social inequalities

* Maternal factors that contribute to adverse birth events

* Issues that raise child mortality rates such as poverty / lower living standards

* Increased risks of childhood infections / lower resistance to infections

* Chronic healthcare conditions (including mental health illness, diabetes and hypertension)

* Differences in the use of available healthcare services

* Moving from child to adult healthcare services

* Growth (is it healthy or delayed?)

* Vulnerable children and teenagers, at risk from neglect and abuse

* The links between child health, the level of eductaion provided and school achievements

The institute used various ways to conduct research:

* Factors affecting health of children at birth – mothers properly nourished and did they smoke during pregnancy

* Using electronic health records of pregnancies and birth cohorts for the whole country

* Comparing data from various countries such as child infection rates and mortality rates

* Linking the records of mothers and children together

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