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Bluechew Review: Survey Results Show 77% to 87% Effectiveness

BlueChew Review

Bluechew is a subscription service that delivers ‘chewable’ ED medication monthly.

It’s still a new company, and we had difficulty finding legitimate Bluechew reviews that proved how well it worked. We decided to take matters into our own hands, and did a survey to find out how effective Bluechew really is.

We created a poll on the subreddit /r/BluechewReviews to ask their readers how well Bluechew worked for them. Since it was anonymous we thought it was the best way to get an unbiased picture of Bluechew’s effectiveness.

After 10 days the poll had 178 responses, you can view an image of the poll results at the top of the page, but here is a breakdown of what we learned from the respondents’ Bluechew review:

77% of Bluechew customers responded ‘Yes’ Bluechew did work for them. This number could be as high as 87%, but 11 people replied ‘Not sure’ which could either mean it didn’t work, or they haven’t tried it yet. If it’s the latter the success rate goes up to 87% but we took the conservative number for our report.

13% of respondents said Bluechew did not work for them.

14% of Bluechew customers needed to take two doses of Bluechew for it to work. For men with more severe ED, usually 50mg of sildenafil is prescribed at a brick & mortar clinic, two Bluechew is equal to 60mg of sildenafil. Most of Bluechew’s customers have mild ED or performance anxiety and 1 dose of Bluechew seems to work best for those symptoms.

87 out of 178 respondents hadn’t tried Bluechew yet (48%), perhaps they were researching the Bluechew Reviews subreddit before trying it for the first time.

13% were not sure if Bluechew worked, or had mild to average results.

Bluechew Subscription

As indicated, what makes Bluechew unique is the fact that it’s sold as a subscription plan, not the typical doctor’s visit and prescription fill. It’s a completely legal alternative because while a doctor must still prescribe the drug, you don’t have to meet with them face to face.

The Bluechew company connects you to doctors willing to prescribe Bluechew. After filling out an online health assessment, you either get approved or denied. Once approved, you are sent your Bluechew package and that’s when the fun begins

Bluechew Potency

Bluechew’s active ingredient, in both cases, promotes blood flow to the penis. Both sildenafil and tadalafil are phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitors, which are enzymes that relax muscles and increase blood flow to specific places in the body.

While both sildenafil and tadalafil are comparable in performance, one significant difference (and a difference between the designated Bluechew products) is that tadalafil stays in your body longer – eighteen hours compared to sildenafil’s four to six hours.

This does not actually mean you will be erect for 24 hours – that’s priapism waiting to happen! It simply means that the medication will stay in your system, meaning you will have a stronger erection when you become aroused and when you want to have sex.

After orgasm and ejaculation, your penis returns to normal. However, it will be easier to get another erection quickly, from 18 hours or even up to two days. Welcome back to being perpetually eighteen!

Bluechew Ingredients and Dosage

Bluechew is an extremely potent medication, even when compared to effective health supplements like Yohimbe. The chewables’ direct effect explains why it’s only available with a prescription and why you must complete a health assessment online to make sure you don’t have any heart conditions or other medical issues that could be affected by Bluechew.

As Bluechew states on their website, a recent poll of Americans reveals that no one particularly likes swallowing capsules and tablets. That’s why Bluechew’s founders wanted to create something different – the first chewable formats of sildenafil and tadalafil.

Now, it’s true that Viagra-inspired chewables are not exactly going to win any blind taste tests. They do taste sugary but they still taste odd. Washing them down after chewing helped me focus less on the taste and more on the aftereffects.


You can buy sildenafil chewables in 30-45 milligrams and expect to feel the effects within a half-hour to an hour. The strongest peak of arousal happens for approximately four hours.

Bluechew Review Successful intercourse for men with erectile dysfunction taking sildenafil
Sildenafil significantly improved the time of onset erection as well as duration in men with ED
Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2699643/


Bluechew tadalafil chewables contain less content in terms of volume, about 6-9 milligrams, but actually lasts longer. Within the same amount of time as sildenafil, you will feel peak arousal within the hour and even longer feelings of potency after ejaculation and a faster refractory period.

The primary reason to buy Bluechew, in addition to avoiding an in-person doctor’s appointment, is because Bluechew is available by subscription and is up to 17 times cheaper than brand name prescription products.

bluechew review The Effectiveness of Tadalafil at Improving the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF)
Tadalafil improved the IIEF scores at both 10 and 20mg
Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2643112/

Bluechew and FDA Approved Generic Drugs

Bluechew is technically approved by the FDA, mainly because the active ingredients of sildenafil and tadalafil have been approved in the past. As Healthline explains, the FDA approves of these erectile dysfunction treatment drugs because they approved them for Viagra and Cialis in the past. The active ingredients themselves are approved to treat ED safely.

However, because the proprietary formula may or may not be different than Viagra and Cialis, the FDA has not personally approved Bluechew tablets. We will consider potential side effects a little bit later in the article.

How Payments Work

When you start to order Bluechew, you are given a few different options. You can order a prescription for:

  • $20 – Active x 6
  • $30 – Busy x 10
  • $50 – Popular x 17
  • $90 – Pro x 34

For a subscription rate per month, you get a certain number of FDA-approved erection dysfunction pills as well as a free online consultation for safety. You also get monthly refills, without the need for another consultation, and discreet shipping.

If you decide you don’t want to keep using Bluechew, you can cancel your subscription by email, by calling customer support, or by simply removing your card from the payment method. However, unless you are experiencing an allergic reaction, it is very likely the medication will work.

Bluechew Medical Testing

You can pay for Bluechew after passing a physical exam which asks questions such as:

  • Are you taking any other ED pills?
  • Are you taking any nitrate medications?
  • Are you taking any prescription drugs?
  • Have you recently been diagnosed with any other medical conditions or surgeries?
  • Do you suffer from allergies?
  • Have you ever experienced problems with high or low blood pressure?
  • Have you ever experienced abnormal heartbeats?
  • Have you experienced any chest pain recently?
  • Have you had episodes of feeling light-headed or faint recently?

As you can see, the medical screening is basic. The company just wants to make sure you haven’t had any extreme physical symptoms as of late, particularly as it relates to the heart.

Packaging and Ordering

Each pill comes individually wrapped, and in a small sachet, so it’s easy to carry around, even for last-minute fun (and let’s be honest, the best sex is always spur of the moment, isn’t it?)

When you receive the Bluechew order, you can be assured of discreet shipping, small cases, and a non-descript company name. Inside the package, you will find your chewables in a ziplock bag with the Bluechew logo.

My Personal Experience With Bluechew

When I first tried Bluechew, I was startled by how quickly it took effect. We’re talking within a minute. But it wasn’t like my erection was instantly hard. When it first hits you, it hits you like an energy drink. A sudden rush of intense feeling, almost like your heart is thumping and your body is ready to rumble.

The erection starts a bit later, after you feel the desire to work out or run a few laps around the block. You feel aroused, not just physically but mentally.

To be honest, I wouldn’t call myself an ED patient. I have average erections throughout the day.

Some weak, some firm, some just kind of there, even when I’m surfing Twitter looking at all the latest video game news.

But what I miss, as a 50-year-old man, is the ability to get hard again, after orgasm, within 1-2 minutes. It gets harder as I age, so I was curious to see what Bluechews could do for a man in his 50s and yet in fairly good shape (I happen to take fitness somewhat seriously and work out when I can).

The Bluechew Difference

To my surprise, it worked like a charm. I also noticed the difference instantly, as opposed to herbal supplements. L-arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Yohimbe – it’s all well and good. But it feels like half placebo effect and half aphrodisiac.

Bluechews was embarrassingly effective – as in this is not the kind of pill to take a few hours before you want to fool around. If you were going to a party or something, you’d have to excuse yourself and wank for a few minutes. It’s that intense! Your erection gets firm within about a half-hour.

Once that happens, you don’t just distract yourself with un-sexy images of Amy Schumer. You really are hard as a rock for about an hour – until you take care of things.

This is more than ED – this is an erection enhancement drug that will either inspire you to go three rounds and do the sexual equivalent of a Floyd Merriweather victory – or will make you completely unsuitable as a date. You can’t really focus on being interesting and witty when you have a raging hard-on, you know what I mean?

How Bluechew Compares to Other

What I do want to say, however, is that if you ever feel like you’re “aging” or just going downhill, and start to feel depressed that you are not as horny or Boogie Nights porn-tastic as you used to be, I assure you this will work! I can imagine how it feels to have low confidence because of erectile dysfunction.

Usually, it’s not total impotence, but episodes of weak erections. Not able to stay hard. Not able to get hard again after you blow your first load. It’s actually fairly normal to have more ED problems as you get older, and it’s not always a 40s or 50s thing. Sometimes men in their 20s and 30s can experience the same symptoms.

That’s why embarrassment-free options like Bluechew really work. What I noticed was that Bluechew worked faster than other remedies, within the hour, which is the ideal time to experience these effects. No one wants to wait four hours for just the perfectly timed erection.

Bluechew’s chewable texture and fast reaction time make them ideal for “scheduling,” whether it’s arranging for last-minute sex with a friend, or planning an impromptu affair with your girlfriend or wife. Or both – and in that case, boy do you need some Bluechews!

Bluechew Frequently Asked Questions

In order to answer some of the most commonly asked questions, let me review some of my experiences with Bluechew.

How Long Do Effects Last?

While the standard is usually four hours for peak time, and up to 18 hours afterward, some people report experiencing heightened arousal and erection strength over the next three days. The longevity of the effects can also be affected by your relationships, living circumstances, and general health.

How Often Can You Take Bluechew?

Bluechew is not like herbal drugs in that they’re generally safe when taken in small doses. In fact, you are strongly advised not to take Bluechew more than once a day – as in one pill a day.

Tadalafil effects last over 24 hours, though the best effects happen within five hours of chewing the chewable tablets. If you can’t predict when exactly you need the pick-me-up, try Bluechew tadalafil, which gives you an all-day-long feeling.

If you feel you need more than the usual dosage, talk to a doctor to make sure there aren’t any severe health risks. You can also read more in our review of the best male enhancement pills.

What Are Bluechew’s Side Effects

Bluechew Review

Remember that Bluechew is a prescription-strength medication so there are some potential side effects. Unlike a multi-vitamin or herbal remedy, Bluechew can affect heart rate and blood flow and can even interact with certain nitrate medications, like poppers.

While the most common side effects are nausea, upset stomach, muscle pain, and backaches, there are some potentially severe side effects to be aware of, just in case you feel them and need medical attention.

The most alarming symptom may be priapism, which is an erection that lasts hours and doesn’t stop. In order to avoid permanent damage to the penis, you need to seek medical attention and get a shot for relief.

Other major symptoms might include chest pain, or very rarely a heart attack if there is a major issue with heart disease or high blood pressure. This is why it’s imperative to be honest when you answer the questionnaire.

Should You Take It or Avoid It if You’re Under 35?

While some doctors say that up to 100 milligrams a day is feasible, the same medical experts also say that younger men who become addicted to Viagra could actually start creating erectile dysfunctions for themselves in the future, or even impotence in extreme cases.

No wonder medical experts highly advise men to see a doctor before using unusually high levels of sildenafil or tadalafil. It’s also suggested that you not abuse the drug but use it sparingly and not every day, but according to the recommended dosage.

How Do I Contact Bluechew?

For the fastest information regarding BlueChew products, call the devoted customer service line at (970) GET-BLUE.

Can I Get Bluechew Over the Counter?

No, Bluechew is not available over the counter due to the simple fact that it is a subscription drug. Bluechew is also not available via Amazon or Walmart. Although related products like books do come up on a search on both sites.

Furthermore, Amazon payments are not accepted for Bluechew products which are sold only on the official website.

Which States Is Bluechew Not Available In?

Bluechew is available in 45 U.S. states, which does not include Alabama, Idaho, North Dakota, or South Carolina.

Is Bluechew Legal?

Yes, although since you’re working through the website, you cannot order the website-only-based subscription unless you’re living in the 45 states that allow Bluechew sales.

Is there a Bluechew Free Trial?

Use this link to get one month free at the checkout page.

Bluechew Alternatives

If you want to try an alternative to Bluechew check out these comparable services:

  • Huge.com $1 trial
  • Hims Sildenafil and Tadalafil
  • ViaBestBuys

Bluechew Review Final Verdict: A Good Twist on ED Pills

I found Bluechew to be a very potent and effective way to not only treat ED, but enhance normal to average erections. Getting hard and feeling that huge surplus of energy and blood flow is intimidating at first and then exhilarating when you get to use it.

Mind you, I wouldn’t use Bluechew every day, mostly because I don’t like feeling “pumped” every day where I want marathon sex for hours on end. It’s not practical on work nights.

I think it’s a drug that works so well you have to pace yourself and use it only within the recommended dosage, and when you actually have time, and can make time for pleasing a partner.

But Bluechew is the real deal and with no need for an in-person doctor’s visit, it’s really going to change the way a lot of men feel about their sex lives. It’s a new lease on life and an opportunity to reclaim their lost youth in a very productive way.

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